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The Bus Will Arrive Soon

Claim: The bus that you need will arrive at the bus stop soon to take you to your destination.

Status: False.

Example: [Collected from bus stops in Winnipeg Canada]

Upon arriving at a bus stop, an electronic sign proclaims that the bus that you need to take you to your destination will arrive in a few minutes or is due. This was also confirmed by the app on your smart phone, the recorded message at the transit hotline, the paper schedule that is crumpled in your pocket, and the defaced map on display outside the bus “shelter”.


This could not be farther from the truth.

After five minutes pass, you strain to look down the street through the blowing snow and glaring lights to see if the transit vehicle is coming. You can make out shapes in the distance that could be a bus, but turn out to be a truck or a combine or some other “phantom bus”.


You check the sign again. It says that your bus is “due”. You check the app on your phone, but you can’t get service inside the “shelter” and the wind and snow prevent you from standing outside the “shelter”.

Finally a bus approaches… but it turns down a side street… not your bus.


The sign now says that your bus will arrive in 10 minutes. The satellite must have finally found the vehicle through the blizzard and updated its information; which is also false. There are no satellites and the times on the signs come from a random number generator.

Fifteen minutes later, a bus finally approaches. You exit the “shelter” into the blustery wind and stand at the curb in anticipation of a “warm” seat on the transit vehicle.

But it’s not your bus. It’s the famous “Sorry. Not In Service” bus that travels from stop to stop spreading its hollow apologies to the citizens of Winnipeg all day long.


The driver looks warm, sipping his cup of coffee, not bothered by anything annoying, such as passengers.

The sign now says the bus will arrive in 20 minutes.

You abandon the “shelter” and trudge down the street, deciding that walking would be faster.


Two minutes later, and twenty yards from the “shelter” your bus zooms past you at a dangerous speed trying to make up for lost time.

Origins: Every day in every snowbound prairie town. Other variations exist such as “Your flight will arrive soon”, “Your taxi will arrive soon”, and “Your service technician will arrive soon”.

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