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OMG. One Post A Month!

Well another year has gone by, and it’s still cold. The new ultra fancy Bar-B-Cue business across the street has had the “open soon” sign on it since this time last year, and the bus is still not here BUT should be here any moment according to the random number generator electronic gizmo bus sign.

It’s extra cold here in Winni-whydoesanybodylivehere-peg this December. A whopping -36ºC temperature with a wind chill of -52ºC… for my regular reader in the USA (Hello Mr. Biden), that’s -60ºF… which explains why the Bar-B-Cue joint is closed, since propane won’t ignite at this temperature.

It’s the second coldest December since 1873… which sucks… because when it’s this cold, you want to be able to brag about living through it… but nobody cares about second place… everybody who lived through that December in 2000 gets the cold gold medal for the extra 0.1ºC of frost they got that year… I can’t even imagine -52.1ºC, however did they survive?!

The bus still isn’t here, and the “heater” in this bus “shelter” feels like it’s not working… probably because it doesn’t have any power. I’m guessing the Coca Cola vending machine outside the shelter needs it more than this heater becau…

Wait, why is there a vending machine on the curb in this weather…


At this temperature, in order to keep the sugary concoction in a liquid state, it would have to be a vending oven! “Enjoy an ice cold Coca-Cola… heated to perfection!”.

That actually sounds good for some reason. I’m going to buy one.

Now I’m sitting in a “heated” bus “shelter” waiting for the new propane powered bus that can’t start, chewing on a real ice cold Coca Cola ice block.

Living the dream.

My December has been a big batch of busy for me with a residence move, and a handful of audio heavy projects at the Drama Factory, but I wanted to put at least one post in for this month. I was tempted to cheat with the WordPress year in review fireworks post and say “See! At least one post a month for the entire year! I’m a fricken hero!”… but then I’d feel pretty dumb tomorrow when I couldn’t top it for my January 2014 post.

In fact, I’m going to give myself a hi-def new year’s resolution and do at least TWO posts every month during 2014. Hopefully WordPress will start putting out MONTH in Review Firework thingies and I’ll feel like a frickin hero every month!

So stay tuned for some awesome firework animations every month featuring things I can’t think of right now! Actually, stay tuned for two of them, because I am resolute!

Happy New Year.


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