Rants from a Bent man

A very strange place… – A rant on wedding socials

The Devil Hordes – A rant on children

In A Lather About SOPA – A rant on some legislation

Big Box Boutique Bombastic Blustering – A rant on shopping

With Apologies… – Sorry, it’s another rant.

Instantaneous disappointment in eighty seven easy steps. – A rant about instant meals.


Hurry up and read this, I have to sweep the roof – A rant about time.

“‘Legitimate’ Logic” – A rant about legitimacy.

“iOS uppity dates and frustrated coffee shop patrons” – A rant about updates.

Happy Halloween – A horror film trailer

The Oppression of Choice – A rant about freedom.

The Treachery of the Red Bricks – A rant about traction

GAWD I’m tired… – A rant about sleep.

The false hope of lemon flavouring… – A rant about cold remedies

The 3:36 Bus to Hades… – A rant about transit

The Courier Conspiracy – A rant about deliveries

The long March into spring… – A rant about the weather.

Banks, bail-ins, and dumb humans – A guest blogger rants about Canadian banks.

Right this way to buy a thing… – A rant about ancient advertising

Just because you can metaphor doesn’t mean you should – A rant about being profound.

Fair Play Canadian Style – A rant about Canadian football.

The Power of Observation – A rant about observ… Oh Shiny!

The Bus Will Arrive Soon – Another rant about transit.

Winnipeg Cyclops – A short video rant about the Winnipeg City logo

Ten lists you thought you didn’t need. (Number five will change your life) – A rant about lists.

I had a great title for this but I forgot what it was – A rant about…. Uh… I forget.

Winnipeg Cyclops and the thaw – A short video rant about “spring”

Just Add Water… – A rant about modern groceries.

The signs of our times… – A rant about signs.

Fine Travels – A rant about traveling.

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