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Just add water…

During the course of our hustle and bustle daily lives, it can be very difficult to eat properly. Time constraints make it nearly impossible to prepare a full set of meals that not only nourish us, but are tasty and fulfilling enough to make us want to sit down and eat them. Instead of a breakfast we often opt for an extra hour of sleep, or instead of lunch, we take a nap at our workplace. In general, we tend to substitute mealtimes with sleep. This can be especially disconcerting if your job is a bus driver, a competitive eater, or airline pilot. We need a variety of foodstuffs that will fill us up… and keep our airplanes in the sky. Fortunately there are many companies, who have our best interests in mind, that are here to help us with this daily dilemma. When I walk around my local grocery store these days, I am amazed at the variety of food options that we have. Aisles and aisles of choices that come in brightly coloured packages to fill our bellies and tantalise our taste buds. Today’s food production is certainly a marvel, and it makes it very easy to plan one’s meals so we can stay awake and not give our face that indented sleep pattern, that comes from snoozing on our keyboards. According to the advertising, everything that you need for a day of easy to prepare, satisfying, uplifting, and fun meals, is readily available at a very moderate cost. So let’s look at the meal suggestions that the mega-conglomerate foodstuff companies suggest we consume to keep us awake at the wheel.


There’s nothing like starting your day with a hearty breakfast. Deep rich Columbian coffee is a must, with a plate of scrambled eggs, fluffy pancakes drenched in syrup and a big ‘ol glass of orange juice to wash it down. After this, you will really be ready to tackle your daily job.

Powdered Breakfast


Our mid-day meal is a constant source of consternation, but there are ways to keep it creative and pleasant to eat. A nice steaming bowl of soup to start, followed by some pasta, which is smothered in a cheese sauce, along with a big glass of milk. Follow it up with a chocolate pudding for dessert. Yum!

Powdered Lunch

Afternoon Tea

I think the Europeans may be on to something, and it’s nice to have a mid-afternoon cup of tea. Maybe with a biscuit on the side for dipping. Very relaxing.

Powdered Tea


The major meal of the day needs to be something interesting, and probably multiple courses, to keep us fulfilled. Start with a creamy pasta, maybe a fettuccine alfredo, and follow it with something hearty like jambalaya. Don’t forget to add a vegetable on the side, maybe in some sort of sauce, and a refreshing drink.  Ending the meal with something light and fruity will make everything very satisfying.

Powdered Dinner

Midnight Snack

Of course we get hungry later in the night, and there is nothing wrong with something tasty just before bed. Maybe a slice of something sweet.

Powdered Snack

If we keep our portions on the modest side, and enjoy these foods in moderation, we can get lots of nutrition, according to the charts that are posted on the backs of the packaging, which none of us looks at… or understands. If we add up all of the “suggested” servings (which, let’s face it, is an incredibly small serving), it looks like this:


Nothing like almost a kilo of powder to help us along in our daily lives.

And there is no reason that we shouldn’t lead productive lives, well into our twenties, before our hearts explode. Or, we can skip these delicacies offered by the mega-food companies, get more sleep, eat a boring salad every once and a while, and live to be seventy. *yawn*


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