Jacob Two Two and the Cup of Tea – Masala Chai recipe inspired by the Ghats of Haridwar

I wish all airport food was like this – Chana masala recipe inspired by the Indira Gandhi International Airport

Say Cheese – Paneer recipe inspired by the vocal stylings of Calen Varga

What’s all this Kadhai aboot anyway? – Kadhai Paneer recipe inspired by some basement restaurant that I forgot to get the name of.

The essentials of sambar – Sambar recipe inspired by the Tamil pavilion at Winnipeg’s Folklorama festival.

The backyard garden harvest and what to do with all those vegetables – Vegetable soup recipe inspired by the harsh Canadian winter.

Hot peppers and my aching loins – Hot sauce inspired by the TV serials of India.

How to turn your butt into a machine gun – Multigrain fibre loaf inspired by weapons of mass destruction.

Squirrel burglars and frozen treats – Ice Cream inspired by screaming children and chattering squirrels.

The Warm Comfort of a Bowl of Rasam – South Indian comfort food soup inspired by the wailing white winds of Winnipeg

Surprise Train Station Snacks – Welsh Cakes inspired by some train station’s convenience store.

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